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Hi. I’m nearly 27 years old and have been playing the guitar since I was 12. In this time I’ve picked up a lot of varying styles and sounds but have only recently realised that none of it really matters unless you’re applying it to songs that you believe in.

Rob, Dave and myself decided to spend a long period prior to putting this band together, doing just that. Writing songs that were not only true expressions of our own styles and influences, but songs we believed could appeal to the everyday person and identify with their lives. It became clear that doing this wasn’t going to be easy. After all, writing good songs isn’t easy. I’ve written many awful ones in the past! But the longer you do it, the more you learn. A statement backed up by the fact that a few of our earlier efforts haven’t survived the elimination process. ‘Rome’, anyone?? But the main thing is to keep growing and keep learning, and I feel that our latest offerings are our best. Only time will tell if we succeed in our goal, but I’ve thoroughly enjoyed being part of it all!

When we first started out, I was playing a Gibson Les Paul Standard through a Marshall amp, but quickly realised that the humbucker crunch and overall style of the instrument wasn’t right for this band and the role I play within it. I wanted a guitar sound that had a rich chordal tone and sharp treble notes to cut through when needed. A guitar that I hoped would, in a subtle way, become a hallmark of the bands sound. So I decided on a Rickenbacker 360 played through a Vox AC30 amp. After all, you can’t beat the jangle of a Ric. And this is the combination I use to this day. I use a customised blend of both pick ups, a nice little feature of the guitar, with a moderate gain and reverb setting on the amp. For the EP, I basically used my live sound with Fred (the producer) setting my overall volume for recording purposes.

Making the EP at Blueprint Studios was a wonderful experience and one I could get used to very easily! As a band we were rehearsed and well drilled, and it was an honour to work with Fred Kindt, who did an amazing job!




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