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EP Recording at Blueprint Studios, Salford

This is what I remember in guitar speak from my Blueprint experience in March.

I used Jordan’s Vox AC30 amp and my Melody Maker for the recording. I’d never used his amp before so just tweaked the knobs until I got a pleasing sound to my ear and producer Fred’s (which is what I do with the Marshall DSL401 combo I use live). Jordan’s amp controls are very different to a Marshall because Vox amps pre-date the high gain stuff that Hendrix et al rode the wave of.

The controls are very Bakelite like on an old TV set, so I was operating blind! But basically it’s just a big pair of 12” speakers powered by hot valves. I think I left the reverb pretty much where Jordan had it set?

There are variances to setting the levels on an amp, the size of room and the balance of gain to volume level. The rule of thumb is less gain equals more power or as guitarists yawn on about tone! In other words you never have the amp set the same every time. That’s just me though. The amp wasn’t running at full blast, just a good volume for the recording room.

I always have the volume and tone controls on guitars set to ten, I use the amp to get a sound. I employ finger picking together with the pick throughout my playing. I think there is little bit of palm muting on Empires, that’s about it technique wise.

I think the blend of a guitar with humbuckers married with one with single coils give a very pleasing sound. To paraphrase Duane Allman, a Rick has a ‘sparklier’ sound whilst a Gibson produces more of a ‘full-tilt screech’.

I only really goofed on one bit (Memory Song) but I knew we had a good take somewhere so Fred could fix it in the mix. It’s the lick after the ascending/descending run at the end of the tune. I imagine there was a great deal of compression applied to that lick….haha!!

All the ideas on the recording are new to Lisbon apart from the end bit on Vulnerable Mind which is nearly as old as me.

David Hatch 

To download the EP for free please follow this link 

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