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Review of Lisbon’s Roadhouse gig on

On December 4th we played for Designer Magazine at Manchester’s Roadhouse. One of the city’s most celebrated small venues, the Roadhouse has hosted some famous bands (The National, The White Stripes) early in their careers. Cath Aubergine, a well-respected music journalist writing for, was in attendance and reviewed our performance. I myself brought Lisbon to Cath’s attention when I was at a recent LCD Soundsystem gig at the Apollo in Manchester. Knowing her reputation for being a sharp-witted music enthusiast, I wanted her opinion on our material so I sauntered over to her midway through the gig with a hastily written request. She obliged and her words are reproduced below with a link to a full review of the evening.


“Lisbon are rather confounding: firstly they’re not what we’re expecting at all, given that MM was alerted to their existence via a note passed at an LCD Soundsystem gig – we’re aware that LCD attract all sorts, but we thought there might be some electronics involved. Nope. Secondly they’re pretty disparate looking, both in terms of personal style and indeed the biggest in-band generation-span since early Mystery Jets when the dad was still there. They’ve got a quality sound though, and that’s what matters. Instrumentally it’s bold, classy, upbeat pop-savvy indie in the (vague) tradition of Aztec Camera and more recent descendents such as The Heartbreaks, and singer Rob (I think – finding any information online about this band has defeated us and I think the note ended up in the wash) is excellent: this rich melodramatic and somewhat assertive voice that swoops and dives when he’s singing like Morrissey’s louder, harder offspring, as well as introducing each song in the manner of a vintage BBC announcer imparting some Very Serious News. They rattle through the set as if they’ve got a bus to catch, for which they apologise later (time constraints, apparently) although I rather like the sense of bewildering urgency it gives them”.

Link to full review article



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