Lisbon - Dave

I’m left handed but play right handed and can’t play left handed

Hi Friends,

I currently use a 2008 white Gibson Melody Maker, with nickel Grover machine heads and a compensated Wilkinson bridge. I had the original nut replaced with a bone one mainly out of necessity. The single coil I have replaced with a neck pick up from a 2006 Gibson SG that I previously owned. The guitar now stays in tune and with a relatively high action is good for slide too.

I always use Ernie Ball 10’s to 46’s and 1mm Dunlop Tortex picks.

Apart from an Electro Harmonix Holy Grail Nano for reverb and a channel changer + digital tuner, I don’t bother with effects.

The current amp is a Marshall DSL 401 combo of which I only use the first two channels. The settings vary at the moment due to the venue/rehearsal space but generally less gain and more volume gives more tone! I tend to run the bass high and the treble lower than the bass but higher than the middle.

My main influences are Ace Frehley, Mark Farner, Rick Nielsen and Alex Lifeson. But you can throw in Hendrix, Page and Clapton too.

Other influences include Freddie King, Steve Jones and Duane Allman. Joe Perry, Stephen Stills and Tony Iommi you could go on forever really? Twenty three years of enjoying others work I suppose?

Ultimately I would like to learn to play loud but clean like another popular influence, Angus Young. There is something about a humbucker through a Marshall valve, but that’s hardly a revelation? Invariably I will turn out with an LPS or Deluxe and a bigger Marshall cause KISS used ‘em!

I am unable to read music. I use a four track recorder if I’m struggling to come up with parts just because you can loop progressions and run through your compendium of licks very quickly to discount them.

I have also found in the past that practicing lead on an acoustic improves the technique enormously.

Enough said for now really……things change?




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